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When a customer is using a PRM behind a BMeNOC301 with a M580, the PRM looks like loosing his IP address.


If a customer is using UnityPro V10 or UnityProV11 to configure a PRM behind a BMeNOC it’s mandatory to transfer the Profibus configuration in the PRM. A menu must be used for that: “transfer data to device”.
In a normal situation, at the end of the transfer, the PRM is able to be operational.

Customer vision of the problem:
If the customer adjusts in the DHCP server of the BMeNOC the subnet mask of the PRM, or the gateway address of the PRM, UnityPro send (in fine), a mismatch configuration to the PRM.
In this exemple above we have modified the subnet mask of the PRM from to

In the configuration screen of the PRM we observe a Subnet mask equal to as it was expected to be

In this condition, at the end of the transfer data to device, the PRM will detect a mismatch in the IP configuration and the PRM will move back in his faulty IP address. 10.10.MAC5.MAC6

A Hotfix will be developed in UnityPro V10 and V11.

Pending the availability of the Hotfix a workaround can be used:
After having modified the IP configuration of the PRM in the DHCP server of the BMeNOC, just disactivate the option “DHCP of this device”. Apply it, then active again the option “DHCP of this device” and apply it. At this step you’ll see that the configuration in the PRM match with the new one in the DHCP server.
Transfer the configuration in the PRM. The PRM will not lose his IP address anymore.

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