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Can the M580 PLC be started remotely?

Published date: 26 November 2019

A discrete input can be configured to the M580 from Run/Stop mode.
  • Set %Ir.m.c to 1: The M580 switches to Run mode (execute the program).
  • Set %lr.m.c to 0: The M580 switches to Stop mode (stop program execution).  
    NOTE: A Stop command takes priority over a Run command. A Stop command sent from a terminal or via the network has priority over the %lr.m.c input.
    An error detected on the Run/Stop input causes the M580 to switch to Stop mode.
    Do not enable this option if the associated discrete input is mapped in state RAM because this inhibits the start-up of the M580.
    Managing Run/Stop Remote Access
    When configuring the M580 CPU, you can help prevent remote commands/requests from accessing the CPU Run/Stop modes.
    Select the respective Run/Stop input and Run/Stop by input only check boxes according to the following table parameters to
    determine the type of remote access for your system.

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