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Cannot view fault on front display of MiCOM Px3x

Published date: 02 March 2019

The alarm led is on but cannot read the fault/alarm by clicking the read button.

Product Line   
MiCOM P13x, P43x, P63x, P53x

Front Face Panel

The programming of the MiCOM Px3x did not have the fault/alarms setup to display by clicking the read button.

By default the MiCOM is not programmed to read the fault/alarms results by clicking the read button. There are two options to view the fault/alarms
Option 1:
By default the Measured fault/alarms are stored in the following locations on the front display:

Option 2:
The read function button can be setup to read fault/alarms.  In MiCOM S1 Studio (Easergy Studio) go to the LOC folder and click on Fct. read key.

A pop up box will appear and this is used to setup fault/alarms that we display when clicking the read button.  
The limitation of how many fault/alarms that can be displayed is 16. 

Now if one wants to reset the fault/alarms this can be done in the same matter.  Open up MiCOM S1 Studio (Easergy Studio) and navigate to LOC and click Fct. reset key.

Once the pop up appears select which fault/alarms one wants to reset.  Again the limitation is 16.

Note: Be care full on which reset to select because it can clear out all of your settings.  For more information on the resets please download the Data Model Explorer for ones relay. 

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