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What causes alarm A009 on Lexium 23 ?

Published date: 23 October 2018

Alarm message "009" seen on the display of Lexium 23 is caused by excessive position deviation.

What this means is that the position of the motor is too far out of range as expected by the drive.
There is a user adjustable parameter which can be set to determine the maximum allowable deviation of the motors actual position to the motors expected position.
The parameter which defines the allowable deviation is P2-35
The factory default value is 3840000, which is equal to 3 motor shaft revolutions.  The encoder within the motor provides 1280000 counts per revolution of the motor shaft. ( 3840000 / 1280000 = 3 )

If alarm 009 is occurring you should check the machine mechanics for issues which may be causing additional frictional load.
The alarm is an indication that the motor can not reliable position due to excessive load.

Rev 10-13-18

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