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What is the difference between DIO_HEALTH and RIO_HEALTH found in M580 Device DDT?

Published date: 24 October 2019

M580 DDT has the below elements, customer wants to know what the device differences
Customer believes that the DROP_HEALTH  DDT corresponds to the BM•CRA312•0 drops  (up to a maximum of 32 BM•CRA312•0 modules).  

But what is the difference between the following. What are these monitoring?
1. RIO_HEALTH  ARRAY [257...384] of BOOL  RIO devices: One array element corresponds to one RIO device (up to a maximum of 128 RIO devices).  

2. DIO_HEALTH  ARRAY [513...640] of BOOL  DIO devices: One array element corresponds to one DIO device (up to a maximum of 128 DIO devices).  

Product Line:

EcoStruxure Control Expert
Unity Pro 


         In a 'probable' future, we may have some Ethernet devices (not CRA drops) scanned by RIO scanner (ATV is a good example)
         So we will have then the 3 different devices :
  • DROP = CRA
  • DIO (devices) = devices scanned by DIO scanner of the CPU / NOC for best effort communications
  • RIO (devices) = devices scanned by RIO scanner of the CPU for deterministic communications


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