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Video: What is the difference between Model 6 Standard and Industrial MC's?

Published date: 22 January 2019

Both the Standard and Industrial MC can be ordered in enclosure types NE MA 1, 1 A, 12 or 3 R. The Standard package lets you tailor the MC by selecting only the options needed for an individual project, providing optimal cost / value balance. The Industrial package includes options most commonly requested and specified for industrial customers. Offering the options as part of a package reduces the possibility of leaving out common industrial features. This list represents the comparison of the two packages.
Structure Feature Standard Package Industrial Package
Vertical Ground Bus Material Steel Copper
Horizontal Bus Material Tin-plated Aluminum (1) Tin-plated Copper
Premium Barrier System (2) Optional Optional
Unit Feature Standard Package Industrial Package
Unit Fish tape Plugs (3) Optional Included
Interior Color Gray White
Nameplates Optional Included
X 1 and X 2 wired to terminal blocks Optional Included
(1) Exceptions: 1600-3200 Amp are Tin-plated Copper
(2) Structure Premium Barrier System; formerly Fish tape Barriers
(3) Unit Fish tape Plugs are not required when Premium Barrier System is provided


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