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3090SCCT Frequently Asked Questions

Product Line

Current Transformer

What is the minimum load require for accurate readings?
A load of 10% of the max load is required in order to saturate the CT.
Note: For 3090SCCT CTs shipped after June 2017, Schneider Electric states the minimum load required to be 5%.

For example, a 3090SCCT124 with a 1200A maximum requires a 120A load to be accurate.

Note: Technical support will not troubleshoot loads below 10%.

Is there a 3090SCCT smaller than 200:5?
No. If more accuracy is required please see High Density Metering (HDM) Current Transformer (HDMCT) specifications, cutsheet, part numbers, and requirements for Solid Core CTs.

Which wire is the positive and negative for the 3090SCCT?
X1, S1, or H1 is the positive wire.
X2, S2, or H2 is the negative wire.

Schneider Electric model SCCT current transformers identify the X1 wire as WHITE and the X2 wire as BLACK.

See Video: Current Transformer (CT), Potential Transformer (PT) wiring standards for all of the wiring standards of the 3090SCCT.

Where can the 3090SCCT cut sheet be found?
The cut sheet for 3090SCCT can be found in Where can I find cut sheets for the Powerlogic SCCT, LVCT and ECT80200 Current Transformers? .

Can the leads be extend on the 3090SCCT?
Yes. Please see What is the recommended wire length for extending current transformers (LVCT, SCCT)? .

Are 3090SCCTs sold individually or in sets?

Are the 3090SCCT series current transformers rated for outdoor use?
No. Please see Are the 3090SCCT series current transformers rated for outdoor use? .

What is the part number for the 3090SCCT?
Part NumberDescription
3090SCCT022SPLIT-CORE CT, 200A, 1.25" X 1.51" ID
3090SCCT032SPLIT-CORE CT, 300A, 1.25" X 1.51" ID
3090SCCT043SPLIT-CORE CT, 400A, 2.45" X 2.89" ID
3090SCCT063SPLIT-CORE CT, 600A, 2.45" X 2.89" ID
3090SCCT083SPLIT-CORE CT, 800A, 2.45" X 2.89"ID
3090SCCT084SPLIT-CORE CT, 800A, 2.45" X 5.50" ID
3090SCCT124SPLIT-CORE CT, 1200A, 2.45" X 5.50" ID
3090SCCT164SPLIT-CORE CT, 1600A, 2.45" X 5.50" ID
3090SCCT204SPLIT-CORE CT, 2000A, 2.45" X 5.50" ID
3090SCCT244SPLIT-CORE CT, 2400A, 2.45"X5.50" ID

  1. For split-core CTs rated for 2400A to 6000A, please refer to FCL Current Transformers
  2. For quotes, please contact inside sales at 615-538-3845.

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