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What is an INFE fault on an ATV32 or ATV320 drive?

Published date: 05 April 2019

INFE fault on an ATV32 or ATV320 drive?

Product Line:
ATV320/ATV32 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Customer does not have access to programming manual at current location.

The INFE indicates an internal problem with the CPU of the drive.  Either a ram, flash memory, or task fault.  To clear this fault, turn off all sources of power to the drive and wait for the display to go blank. Wait at least 10 seconds and then re-apply power to the drive and use normally.  Remove your control wiring from Logic, Analog, and Relay contacts, one at a time, to determine if something is pulling down the supply or inducing noise.  If the problem returns or does not clear with the power cycle, please contact the Drives Product Support Group for further assistance.


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