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Do you need to uncouple the motor before running an autotune?

Published date: 02 August 2019

Do you need to uncouple the motor before running an autotune?

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Some Drive manufacturers rotate the motor during the autotune test so they require the motor to be disconnected from the load.

No.  The Autotune function used on Schneider Electric Drives does not turn the motor so it is not necessary to uncouple the motor from the load.

You should be sure to enter all of the motor nameplate data correctly, and only perform an Autotune on a motor that has not been running.
An autotune on a warm motor will provide incorrect results, and may impact speed and torque performance.

An Autotune may not always be required for all applications, but if the correct motor information has been entered and the motor has not been running, the performance (speed and torque regulation) of the system will be improved.

Automatic Autotune may not be a good choice for most applications, and this function should only be used if directed.

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