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How to configure the Advanced Generic EDS DTM to the BEMNOS0300?

Published date: 19 February 2019

It's possible to configure an Advanced Generic EDS DTM to the BMENOS0300 and this resolution will guide you with this configuration.

Product Line
BMENOS0300, M580.

This resoltuion has been done with Unity Pro v12 running on Windows 10 version 1703

The  BMENOS0300 Installation and Configuration Guide from 06/2016, on page 27 shows that you need to configure the connection on Advanced Generic EDS as "Exclusive Owner", but the freshness of Device DDT will be 0 and couldn't read the input variable.
The configuration is as "Input Only" and you can configure as the steps below:
  • Goes to DTM Browser (Tools -> DTM Browser)
  • Add the Advanced Generic EDS
  • Open the fdtConfiguration 
  • Remove the "Exclusive Owner"
  • Add the "Input Only"
  •  Select the General tab, and edit the following settings
    • ​RPI: Accept the default (30 ms) or enter a different value
    • Input size: Enter 16 (bytes)
    • Input mode: Select Point to Point
  • Select the Configuration tab, and edit the following settings
    • ​Input Instance: Enter 101
    • Output Instance: Enter 198
    • Configuration Instance: Enter 100
    • Configuration: Enter 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

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