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Why Vijeo Designer runtime crash when I perform a snapshot using recipes?

Published date: 19 March 2019

A crash of Vijeo Designer Runtime can occur when use Recipe with a lot ingredients as string varible. (Using SoMachine)
The crash appear when the user push the button 'Snapshot button'
Two possibles messages
    Application has halted, 
    Exception: Access violation, 
    Address: 675579CD 00:000069CD oms.dlm: Koohi.cpp:line 1155
    Application has halted, 
    Exception: Access violation,
    Address: 67398C8C 02:00007C8C ScanDriverV2.dlm: Koohi.cpp:line 1155

Root cause
In the user manual, the maximum of recipe is 1024 ingredients
However due to some limitation of Codesys brick, the number max of ingredient could be less than expected
If the user set some String variable in SoMachine without specify the variable size, Vijeo Designer will take the maximum size (80 bytes) and in this case the user cannot reach of maximum of ingredient

Solution / Workaround
Reduce the number of ingredient
Reduce the ingredient size (action to perfom in SoMachine side)
STRING[5] instead of STRING (by default STRING = STRING[80]

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