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Are the UL listings for devices tested under UL508 no longer valid?

Published date: 07 December 2018

There are misunderstandings about the status of UL 508. It has not expired. The listings obtained under UL 508 are still valid.

Devices that were UL listed under UL508 are still UL listed with no expiration date set. Devices that are new or in need of re-certification will now be tested under 60947-1/UL60947-4-1 when possible. Devices previously tested under UL 508 that have not changed and have no need to be re-tested due to changes will remain as UL 508.

UL 508 is broader in scope than UL60947-1 and UL60947-4-1 so there are some situations where UL 508 will still apply and UL60947-1 or UL60947-4-1 will not.

In some cases, you can find both UL 508 and UL 60947-1/UL60947-4-1  sections in the same file. The UL mark on the device itself does not ialways ndicate which UL standard was used in the testing. In some cases UL508 and UL60947 apply to different aspects of the same device. Simply put: A device either is UL listed or it is not.

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