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What is the basic programming for an ATV630 replacing an ATV66 in a Trane Unit?

Published date: 26 July 2019

ATV630 replacing an ATV66 in a Trane Unit, What program changes are required

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On ATV66, wires on LI1 is Run Perm., LI2 is Run Fwd, so swap wire LI2 goes to DI1 for Run Fwd, LI1 to DI2 as nSt. 
Under Complete Setting -> Command and Ref -> Reverse Assign to NO
Under Complete Setting -> Generic functions -> Stop configuration -> Freewheel Stop to DI2
On ATV66: AI2 had a temp sensor that looks like a resistor, not used on ATV630.
On ATV66: LI3 was switch from Hand to Auto,  on ATV630: 5.5 menu -> Set DI3 to Ref 1B switching
On ATV66: LI4 was Fault reset, on ATV630: 5.12 menu -> Fault Reset -> Set Di4 as Fault Reset Assign
On ATV630, under Complete Setting -> Command and Ref -> Set AI1 as Ref Freq. 1 Config  


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