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What is the DHCP Rolename for the Modbus Plus Proxy Module?

Published date: 10 April 2019

Modbus Plus Proxy Module User Guide versions prior to 2018 do not contain the Rolename of the Modbus Plus Proxy module (MBPL) for DHCP.
Product Line
The Modbus Plus Proxy Module User Guide part number is EIO0000000245.  
The Modbus Plus Proxy Module part number is TCSEGDB23F24FA.
The Rolename of the module is M340EGD_xxx when it is configured for DHCP.  
The _xxx is a numerical value determined by the two red rotary switches on the back of the module.  

The upper rotary switch identifies the 10's value.  The lower rotary swich identifies the 1's value.
Values range from 000 to 159.  Preceeding 0's are required for values less than 100.


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