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How do I disable the integral and remote HMI (VW3A1101) Loc/ Rem buttons used with an ATV212?

Published date: 02 August 2019

How do I disable the integral and remote HMI (VW3A1101) Loc/ Rem buttons used with an ATV212?

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The ATV212 integral keypad has a LOC/REM button.
The VW3A1101 Loc/Rem button is the F4 key.  Note that just above F4, in the LCD display, the function is indicated as Loc/Rem.  Pressing the F4 will toggle between Local and Remote modes.  The current mode is shown above the F1 key.  The F4 key mimics the integral keypad LOC/REM button.
Use parameter F732 to enable or disable both the F4 and LOC/REM keys.

F732 = 0 is [Permitted memo]: still retained with the power off.  The current mode is maintained through a power cycle.
F732 = 1 is [Prohibited]: The F4 and Loc/Rem keys are disabled and the VFD is in Remote mode.
F732 = 2 is [Permitted no memo]: cancelled with the power off.  The VFD will always power up in Remote mode.

Note that if the LOC/REM key is disabled, switching between local and remote mode can be achieved with parameters [Frequency mode sel]  (FMOd) and [Command mode sel] (CMOd). 

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