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Which SoMachine / EcoStruxure Machine Expert PLCs use the PLC Usb Driver?

Which SoMachine / EcoStruxure Machine Expert PLCs use the PLC Usb Driver?

Product Line
SoMachine v2, v3, up to v4.3
EcoStruxure Machine Expert

Windows Driver for USB cable connection to Modicon PLC from SoMachine

The PLC USB Driver Suite is only used by the following SoMachine controllers (M258, LMC058, and ATV-IMC).
For EcoStruxure Machine Expert, the Modicon M262 PLCs also use the PLC Usb Driver.

When connected to those controllers via USB, they will appear up under "Modems" under the device manager and establish a connection in the PLC-USB driver.

M258, LMC058, ATV-IMC, M262 PLCs use the PLC USB driver and shows under Modems in the Device Manager
Windows Device Manager Modems category

Schneider Driver Management Properties

As for other PLCs:
The M238, M241 and M251 require the installation of a component called "GatewayOptionalDrivers" which contains the USB driver files needed for these PLCs
This is installed by SoMachine Configuration Manager in a Default installation of the software.
In EcoStruxure Machine Expert, the GatewayOptionalDrivers component is also installed as part of a default installation from the "Schneider Electric Software Installer" Tool.

M238, M241 and M251 families do not use the PLC USB driver and only shows under LibUsb-Win32 in the Windows Device Manager:
Windows Device Manager - LibUsb-Win32 category

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