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How to install SoMachine Gateway on the new iPC ranges to use SoMachine Protocol

Published date: 17 April 2019

The Magelis iPC model numbers starting with HMIPSP/HMIPSO (S-Panel PC), HMIPEP (Enclosed Panel PC), HMIBM (Modular Box PC), and HMIRS (Rack PC) are now supported in SoMachine v4.3. How do I install the SoMachine Gateway on them for communication within a SoMachine network of devices?
Product Line
Magelis iPC - S-Panel PC, Enclosed Panel PC, Modular Box PC, Rack PC 

Windows 7, Windows 10

The new Magelis iPC series starting with HMIPSP, HMIPSO, HMIPEP, HMIBM and HMIRS are newly supported in SoMachine software since version V4.3 and Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack 6.1. These series of Magelis iPCs do not have the SoMachine Gateway pre-installed. Therefore, if you install an old version of Vijeo Designer Runtime on these iPCs and then download your project, the runtime will be updated and the download will be completed successfully. But the communication won’t work because the SoMachine Gateway is not installed on these iPCs.
Follow these steps:
  1. Ensure that your SoMachine v4.3 configuration software is updated with Vijeo Designer v6.2 Service Pack 6.1. You can find this download package from the Schneider Electric Software Update Tool that comes with SoMachine v4.3. It will be named "SoMachine V4.3 Vijeo Update".
  2. Uninstall any existing Vijeo Designer Runtime from your Magelis iPC.
  3. Install Vijeo Designer Runtime for Windows V6.2 SP6.1 that will install automatically SoMachine Gateway.
Here is the link to download Vijeo Designer Runtime for Windows v6.2 Service Pack 6.1:

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