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On AOA app, why my subscene or picture is displayed as a blue square ?

Published date: 15 November 2018

When I track my scene or open my subscene on AOA app on Apple tablet (Ipad), the picture/subscene is displayed as a blue square.

APA app example:

A Image resolution limitation is present on Apple tablet (4096p x 4096p).
If you build a AOA project with a picture with more than 4096 pixels resolution size, it will be badly managed on apple tablet and will be displayed as a blue square.

Example of image in paint:

User guide:

This limitation is displayed in user guide (limitation ressources section).

Ecostruxure augmented operator advisor, IOS tablet, Apple, AOA, blue square, subscene, AOA app

Case author:
Lilian Cabos

Product Familly
Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor


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