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What can I do if the tag is not detected properly in Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor?

Published date: 11 September 2018

Follow these rules when using tags:

  •  Place the tag on a solid flat surface or on a window.
  •  Do not use a tag in an environment with a grill or a mesh: the detection can be very slow or impossible, as the software will have difficulty differentiating between the tag and the grill/mesh.
  •  Reference photos must be taken directly in front of the tag. The photo plane must be parallel to the tag plane for best results.
  •  The detection camera plane must be also parallel to the tag plane. If a tag is placed at the top of a scene, consider tilting the tag downward to respect this parallelism. Any deviation from parallel of this photo will reduce the probability of tag detection.
  •  When identifying the tag placement in the images, use the four corners of the tag itself, as indicated in green here:

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