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How to proceed to configure an HMI on a module "PMESWT0100"

Published date: 12 September 2018

We have the possibility to connect an HMI on a weighing module "PMESWT0100".
This HMI is used to monitor and to adjust weighing module.

The HMI is master on the RS85 bus and the "PMESWT0100" is slave RS485 bus.

At the first setup, it is necessary to configure the modbus address (slave number) of the "PMESWT0100" in the HMI to indicate to whom it is addressed. It's also necessary to declare to the "PMESWT0100" what will be its node number on the RS485 bus via the DTM. All these parameter and informations are stored in the FDR server of the PAC M580. So following a powercycle those informations are available.

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