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How to configure C/K for Varlogic in parallel operation of 2 CTs + summing transformer?

Published date: 14 September 2018

If both CTs are the same, e.g. 200A/5A, and summing CT gives rated 5A output with ration 5A+5A/5A, then if 200A flow in each rung (means 400A is total current), then both CTs gives 5A secondary and summing transformer with ratio 5A+5A/5A gives 5A output.  o CT ratio as Varlogic sees is 400A/5A 

For better explanation see attached file. There is also example with c/K calculation. It is in French only , but easy to understand it. Case with 2CTs in parallel + summing CT is specifically in section 4.1, pages 9-10.

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