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Com 'X 510: Is it possible to simultaneously communicate on RJ-45 or screw terminals, Modbus RS-485 ports?

Published date: 19 October 2018


Simaltaneous Modbus serial communication on RJ45 and removable screw terminal 
Product line

Com'X 510 Energy Server


Meter Communication capability
Modbus Gateway 
Modbus Master and Modbus Slave


Com'X 510 Energy Server has 1 Modbus RS485 serial port consisting of an RJ45 and removable screw terminal connector (0 V, Screen, D0, D1).
Both connectors are plugged into the same Modbus RS485 serial port and can support 32 devices maximum.

The serial daisy chain or slave devices can be connected to either screw terminals or the RJ45 port, not both at the same time.

Refer to FA289876 for documentation for Com 'X 510.

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