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How to configure ATV12 for motor with rated frequency 100Hz? What value to set BFR?

Published date: 17 September 2018

BFR is base frequency. It says whether motor is primarily designed for operation at 50Hz network or if its rated data are dedicated for 60Hz network. Sometimes motor has both data so you can choose. BFR affects some parameters, like max frequency, power in W or HP, etc.
In case with ATV12...M2 and using 3-phase 220V 100Hz motor it is easy:
Use BFR=50Hz and then enter motor data for 100Hz (npr=xxx, Uns=220V, ncr=xxx, Frs=100Hz, nsp=xx, tfr>100Hz).
Apply autotuning and continue configuring the rest (LSP, HSP, ACC, DEC, ...)

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