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Video: How to load settings and/or PSL files to a MiCOM relay in Easergy Studio.

Published date: 29 April 2019

Made setting and/or PSL changes but don't know how to load it into the MiCOM relay.

Product Line
MiCOM Px1x
MiCOM Px2x
MiCOM Px3x
MiCOM Px4x

Easergy Studio


1.  Right Click on the device name in Easergy Studio (MiCOM S1 Studio)
2.  Select the settings and/or PSL files that need to be loaded.
3.  Click Send
4.  The relay will send the selected files and give a dialog box with information about the sending process.
5.  When done click Close
6.  Click Close again to finish.

Note:  The only relays with PSL files will be the Px4x Series.

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