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For BMEAHI0812 and BMEAHO0412 the "isolation“ between channels = 1000 VDC". Why don't we deliver a value in AC voltage ?

Published date: 25 September 2018

 For BMEAHI0812 and BMEAHO0412 the „isolation“ between channels 1000 VDC (1 minute duration)", between channels and bus 1400 VDC(1 minute duration), between channels and ground 1400 VDC (1 minute duration). The question is if these values are also valid for AC voltage? Or whats are the values for AC voltage?

=>  Concerning the strength of the isolation barrier, normally the AC level = (DC level / 1.414). But the real test is not allowed to be done in AC way for this case due to the existence of Y-capacitor or parasite capacitor. So the norm allows to choose DC test only and it will not impact the judgement to the strength of isolation barrier.

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