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Video: How do I create an Advantys Island through Unity Pro IO Scanner and import variables created in the Advantys Configuration Software?

Published date: 13 November 2018

When I create an IO scanner entry for an Advantys island, why can't I access the variables and configuration setting I created in the ACS?

Product Line:
Quantum, M340

Unity Pro XL V13

The Advantys Configuration Software needs to be invoked through Unity Pro IO Scanner in order for the created variables and island configuration to be imported properly.


This procedure can be used with either Quantum or M340 CPUs within Unity Pro.
Before you begin, you'll want to make sure you have turned on IO Scanning in the Ethernet configuration and have predetermined the number of Read and Write registers you'll have on your Advantys island.  

1.) Update the Read and Write Ref so that the memory locations do not overlap with each other.
2.) Enter the IP address of the Advantys/STB island.
3.) Update the RD (read) and WR (write) lengths for the number of registers your PLC will access
4.) Click on the little gray box next to the Device Name field.
5.) Confirm the changed made to the Ethernet Configuration page.
6.) In the PopUp that appears, select STB from the Device type Drop-Down menu
7.) Enter a Device name in the field.
8.) Click Launch Advantys Configuration Software button.
9.) Click Yes to confirm that the device name and type will not be modifiable.
10.) When the Advantys Configuration Software launches you can begin assembling the island. Select the Ethernet Comm module and associated power and IO modules.
11.) Open the IO modules configuration pages, navigate to the IO Image tab and expand Output data.
12.) Enter Variable names in the Defined Label field next to the corresponding channels
13.) Click Apply and OK.
14.) Repeat steps 11 - 13 for each IO module.
15.) Build the Advantys Island
16.) Verify the island was built successfully
17.) Exit the Advantys Configuration Software.
18.) When back in Unity Pro, you will be opted to update the symbols. Click Yes.
19.) Open Elementary variables in the Data Editor.
20.) Verify that the variables created in Advantys Configuration Software were imported properly.

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