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Can a BMXPRA0100 support the use of a BMXNOE0100 module?

Published date: 03 October 2018

BMXPRA0100 with a BMXNOE0100

Using BMXNOE0100 with a BMXPRA0100 CPU
Product Line
M340 BMXPRA0100
Unity Pro
 Yes the BMX PRA 0100 module manages the entire Peripheral Remote IO Station, which includes support for the following elements:
1. Any discrete input/output modules
2. Any analogue input/output modules
3. One BMX NOE 0100 Ethernet module (if necessary). The IO Scanner service can not be enabled or configured because it is not supported in a BMXPRA0100 drop.

A BMXNOE0100 module used in a BMXPRA0100 remote drop can be used in a Dual Link example. Please reference page 11 in BMXPRA0100 User Manual for an example layout.


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