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How the DC injection braking is setup on the ATV61/71 drives? What are the Name of parameters included?

Published date: 07 October 2018


The setting of DC injection breaking is done through below parameters in menu "Stop Configuration"
- Stt [Type of stop] = [DC injection] (dCI): DC injection stop ---> when you apply stop command the DC injection braking is active.

- dCI [DC injection assign.] = LI1 to LIx ---> The DC Breaking is activated when you give this assigned Logic input LIx - When you apply this logic input (if assigned) it will apply DC injection breaking. 

- the below parameters will decide the level of DC current and time, to be fine tuned depending upon the application and load. 
- IDC ([DC inject. level 1]  
- tdI [DC injection time 1]
- IdC2 [DC inject. level 2]
- tdC[DC injection time 2]

Please refer the programming manual extract for detailed understanding of each parameter setting. 

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