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What is the difference between the [DC INJECTION]- dCI- and AUTO DC INJECTION Adc?

Published date: 07 October 2018


The DC injection is applied immediately after stop command or logic input LIx as assigned. But the Auto DC injection is applied at zero speed at the end of deceleration.
The DC injection is set through following parameters

- Stt [Type of stop] = [DC injection] (dCI): DC injection stop ---> when you apply stop command the DC injection braking is active.

- dCI [DC injection assign.] = LI1 to LIx ---> The DC Breaking is activated when you give this assigned Logic input LIx - When you apply this logic input (if assigned) it will apply DC injection breaking. 

- the below parameters will decide the level of DC current and time, to be fine tuned depending upon the application and load. 
- IDC ([DC inject. level 1]  
- tdI [DC injection time 1]
- IdC2 [DC inject. level 2]
- tdC[DC injection time 2]

Please refer the attached programming manual extract for understanding of each parameter setting. 

But the Auto DC injection is activated through below parameter settings. 
AdC [Auto DC injection]
- SdC1 [Auto DC inj. level 1]
- tdC1 [Auto DC inj. time 1]
- SdC2 [Auto DC inj. level 2]
- tdC2 [Auto DC inj. time 2]

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