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What causes SOC fault code on the process drives?

Published date: 12 April 2019

My ATV600 or 900 series drive shows "SOC" fault code when a run command is issued.

Product Line:
ATV600, ATV630, ATV660, ATV680
ATV900, ATV930, ATV960, ATV980

Product Line:
Altivar Process drives
ATV6XX and ATV9XX series.

Clarification of product characteristics.

SOC indicates "Output Cut" status. 
This is related to the Output Phase Loss function. 
Output phase loss is used to detect when one or more phases of the motor are pulling no current (open connection to motor). 
It also can detect an imbalance in current draw between phases and trigger a fault if the imbalance is too great. 
By default the Output phase loss parameter is set to OPF Error Triggered, which means the drive will fault on an Output Phase Loss fault if there is a phase loss or significant current imbalance on the motor leads.
The Output phase loss parameter can be changed to No Error Triggered, or Function Inactive.   

When it is set to No Error Triggered, SOC is displayed when the function is triggered (no motor is detected when commanded to run or motor is disconnected while running).   
In this mode, once an output phase loss is detected, the drive will stop the motor and display SOC on the screen but will not trigger a fault status.

When set to Function Inactive the drive will not monitor for a phase loss or phase imbalance in the motor connections.  External phase loss protection should be provided.
This is the standard setting on enclosed drives that have a full voltage bypass, becuase the  overload relay provided with bypass provides that protection.

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