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Video: Why does the M580 DDT for the IO module show the rack location incorrectly?

Published date: 19 April 2019

When the X80 IO module is moved to a new slot location, why doesn't the DDT variable name get updated?

Product Line:
M580 PAC, M340 X80 IO

Unity Pro XL V13
Control Expert v14

Device DDT variable does not get updated when the module is moved around in the configuration.

When you add IO modules to any M580 rack, a DDT will be auto-configured to use as a variable.
These DDT variables are auto-named using the topological address of the Bus, Drop number, rack number and slot number for the given IO module.
Auto-naming of variables only occurs on the first placement of the device into the Rack configuration in Control Expert (Unity Pro).
If a module is moved around to a new location within the same rack or another rack, the naming of the DDT-based variable will not change.

The variable name can only be changed if the device is deleted from the rack configuration.
When the device is deleted, the DDT variable name remains in the Data Editor, however, it is effectively unusable because it then becomes unlocked and disassociated from the original device.
If you then delete the DDT variable from the data editor and add a new device in the new location, a new DDT variable will be created and named with the new topological address.


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