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How to import Process variables from M580S Safety PLC into Vijeo Designer?

Published date: 17 October 2018

 Goals and Symptoms        
With the new M580S Safety PLC, the memory is now split into three parts. Process, Safe and Global memory spaces.
In Unity Pro, when you export the XVM file from the variables nodes and import it into Vijeo Designer, this can only link to variables from the Global memory space.
You have lost access to the Process memory space which is where the bulk of the user code would go. There is no access to the Safe memory space as well.
Causes and Fixes       
Vijeo Designer has not implemented yet the new brick of symbol import to be compliant with the new organisation of the variables into Unity Pro including M580S PLC safety.
To fix the issue, you need to use the XVM file (Global XVM file) generated automatically by Unity Pro Software.
Attached, please find how to configure Unity Pro software to get a global XVM file saved automatically after a download.  

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