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Transferring a Unity application through a VPN could fail.

Published date: 18 October 2018

Goals and Symptoms
Transferring a Unity application through a corporate VPN could fail.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes
Attempts to transfer a Unity application (download or upload) from an M580 PLC using the Ethernet port on either the CPU,
BMXNOx0xxx Ethernet module (i.e., BMXNOR0200, etc.) or BMENOx0xxx Ethernet module (i.e., BMENOC0402, etc.) that
is connected to Unity through both a corporate network and VPN, could fail. This can happen if a large lag time occurs in the
TCP/IP connection while Unity is waiting for a response from the PLC during the transfer process.

The issue can be resolved by running the appropriate attached registry edit batch file.
This will disable the optimization for the transfer process between Unity and the PLC.  As a result, the time to complete the transfer
process could be longer.


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