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How much load should be available to commission an AccuSine unit?

Published date: 29 October 2018

User wishes to know how much load is required on the system when commissioning an AccuSine unit

Product Line
AccuSine PCS
AccuSine PCS+

Installation and Commissioning

At least 50% of the expected load should be available during the commissioning procedure. For example, if a customer expects 100 A to be drawn by the load, 50 A should be available for commissioning.

If 50% of the load is not available, it is still possible to successfully commission the unit but fine tuning will be required to achieve optimal harmonic mitigation. Please note that the CTs should be rated such that they reach saturation at the expected load range. Saturation is typically achieved at 10% of the CT primary rating.

To fully test the system integration, all loads supported by the active filter system should be available for operation. The Total Output current required for the system must be at least 10% of the unit’s nameplate rating. (For example, a 100 amp unit will need a minimum of 10 amps Total Output current from the AccuSine)

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