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What Equipment settings do I need in Vijeo Designer for my Magelis HMI to communicate to a Unity M340 or M580 PLC via Modbus Serial or Modbus TCP/IP?

Published date: 26 November 2018


The M340 and M580 Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP/IP protocols require particular settings in Vijeo Designer in order for a Magelis HMI to communicate to them via IEC61131 Syntax.


Product Line
Unity M340 PLC, Unity M580 PLC, Magelis HMI (all series), Vijeo Designer (all versions)


Modbus protocol setup in Vijeo Designer


To access the Modbus Equipment Node for Modbus TCP/IP, double-click on the IO Manager -> ModbusTCPIP01 -> ModbusEquipment0x node.

Likewise, for Modbus RTU (Serial), double-click on the IO Manager -> ModbusRTU0x-> ModbusEquipment0x node.


In this window, confirm the following 3 settings:

  1. Tick the IEC61131 Syntax checkbox (this uses %M, %MW addressing instead of “00001, 40001” addressing)
  2. Select Addressing Mode = 0-based (Default) – The M580 starts at %MW0 (unlike some older PLCs that start at %MW1).
  3. Choose Double Word word order = Low word first

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