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With Lexium 32 servo drives how do I limit the amount of torque the motor can develop?

Published date: 19 November 2018

With Lexium 32 servo drives how do I limit the amount of torque the motor can develop?

Issue: With Lexium32 it is possible to limit the amount of torque the motor is able to develope by modifying the parameter CTRL_I_max.

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Lexium 32



The motor torque can be limited by adjusting the parameter CTRL_I_max to a value that meets the maximum torque you would like the motor to develop.

All BSH and BMH motors have a defined Toque constant value.
This Torque constant value can be found on the product datasheet or in the manual for BSH or BMH motors, depending on which type you have.
Product datasheets can be found by using the search tool on
Enter your motor model in the search engine and then navigate to the product datasheet.
Open the product datasheet and find the Torque Constant value.
This torque constant value is used to calculate the preferred maximum torque.

Divide your preferred maximum torque by the torque contstant, the result will be the required current value in amps that must be entered in the CTRL_I_max parameter of the Leixum32 drive.
Using SoMove, connect to the drive, navigate to Axis Configuration, then to Limitations. 
In the limitations parameters you will find the parameter CTRL_I_max.  
This is the parameter that must be modified to influence the maximum torque that can be developed by the motor.


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