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BMENOC firmware upgrade procedure

Published date: 03 December 2018

1/  Use the Unity Loader utility.
2/  Connect the PC that is running hte Unity Loader to the Etherent communications module.
3/  Launch the Unity Loader.
4/  Click on the <Firmware> tab.
5/  In the PC list box, select the .ldx firmware file.
6/  When connected with  Ethernet, check that the MAC address indicated in the PLC box
     corresponds to the MAC address marked on the connected Ethernet device.
7/  Check that the transfer sign is green allowing transfer from the PC to the Etherent module.
8/  Click on <Transfer>.
9/  Click on <Close> when transfer is complete.

NOTE: Make sure that the firmware update security is set to allow firmware updates.
The Unity Pro DTM provides security services to the BMENOC0301/11 Ethernet communication module.
Enable and disable these services on the Security tab in the Unity Pro DTM.
a/  Open the Unity Pro DTM Browser in the Unity Pro M580 project.
b/  In the DTM Browser, double click on the BMENOC0301/11 module.
c/  Select <Security>
d/  Enable or disable (default) these items.
          Firmware upgrade
          Device configuration management using the  FDR service

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