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How to read input power IPR and consumption IPHR from ATV61 drive using io scanner on Modbus TCP/ethernet IP when they are not listed in scanner variables? Only APH is available.

Published date: 21 November 2018

Lets explain situation regarding difference in registers for input power and consumption between ATV61 and ATV71 drives:
For cumulative energy consumtion: 
- In ATV71 it is parameter APH, address 3230 
- In ATV61 it is parameter IPHR, address 3237 
For input power 
- In ATV61 it is parameter IPR , address 3218 
For motor power: 
- In both ATV61 and 71 it is parameter OPR, address 3211

When ATV61 drive is equipped by VW3A3310(d) card, the list of variables that can be mapped into modbus TCP i/o scanner is limited and unfortunately IPR and IPHR are not in the list. APH is in the list but this will not provide any usefull value from ATV61.
To be able to read IPR and IPHR from ATV61 you can use either modbus TCP messaging (READ_VAR instruction) or to use following trick for reading them via io scanner:
1. Map IPR an IPHR into modbus input scanner first, for example NMA3, NMA4, like in my example. In general you can use any available NMAx
2. Then values of NMx (in my case NM3 and NM4) must be mapped into modbusTCP scanner as shown on the left part of my example configuration
3. Then using modbus tcp scanner the values of IPR, IPHR will be read on determined postion (word number) in the scanner, see example with result.
4. Do not use APH in mapping because you will not read any values, see result with constant value -32767. Therefore remove APH from modbus TCP scanner. 

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