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PME 9.0 new and updated device support

Published date: 24 December 2018

Product Line
PME 9.0
ION meter
Powerlogic meter


New and updated device support


Following device support has been added to PME 9.0:
Item Details
PM8000 Modbus/ION coexistence PME 9.0 supports ION over Modbus
communications with PM8000 (v1.4.1+) devices.
ION9000 support PME now supports the new high end ION9000
power monitoring device.
New device type support The following device types are now supported in
PME 9.0 :
  1. ION9000
  2. PM8000v2 (with ION over Modbus support)
  3. MTZ Wave 2 (support for breaker aging)
  4. EM4900 
  5. PowerTag
  6. AccuSine PCSN
  7. IFL 
  8. Galaxy VM/VX
  9. SmartLink IPZ
  10. Compact NSXm
  11. Com'X WAGES
Updated device license requirements PM8000 and MTZ now require a DL-S license
(was DL-M before)

For the list of default supported devices, please refer to FA363561
For more information, please refer to PME 9.0 documentation  FA358303 

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