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ION9000 default webpages for data viewing and meter configuration

Published date: 22 March 2019

Product Line
ION9000 Meter


  • You can access the meter’s webpages through the meter’s Ethernet connection using a web browser
  • You must have cookies enabled in order to access your meter’s webpages
  • You may need to configure your meter’s security settings in order to view  webpages and configure your meter using webpages
  • On a hardware-locked meter, you cannot add, delete or modify any webpage files
  • If you are connected to your device over Ethernet, changing Ethernet configuration parameters without another method of configuration enabled may cause loss of communications with your device and render it inaccessible
  • The ION9000 meter comes with the default webpages that include: 
Webpage Menu Webpage Content
Instantaneous Readings
  • Basic readings
  • Energy readings
  • Demand readings
  • Voltage readings
  • Power Quality
Trending & Forecasting Select the target and interval for trending and forecasting and view the results.
Power Quality Summary
  • Harmonics Chart
  • NEMA Motor Derating Curve
  • EN50160
  • IEEE 519 Harmonics
  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • Analog inputs
  • Analog outputs
Waveforms View waveforms from your meter, using the meter’s COMTRADE files

Webpage Menu Webpage Contents
Resets Perform resets, and view when previous resets were performed

Webpage Menu Webpage Contents
  • Communications
  • Ethernet
  • Serial port
  • Meter - Basic
  • Meter - Advanced
Phasor diagram View the phasor diagram and numeric values

Webpage Menu Webpage Content
  • Basic Settings
  • Advanced settings
Serial Port
  • Basic Settings
  • Advanced settings
SNMP Parameters Configure your meter’s SNMP parameters.
NTP Configure your meter’s NTP parameters
SMTP Configure your meter’s SMTP parameters
Date & Time Configure your meter’s time and time synchronization
Preferences Enter your meter’s nameplate information
  • Basic Settings
  • Advanced settings
HTTPS Certificate Management

Webpage Menu Webpage Content
Custom. No default content.
By default the Maintenance menu is empty, and the menu is not displayed until information is added to it.
ION9000 default webpages file is located here FA363418.


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