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What justifies the choice of the PowerTag A9 F63 blade terminals?

Published date: 10 December 2018

The blade terminal of the PowerTag A9 F63 has been designed so that it does not generate any mechanical interference with the power wire, regardless of the type of cable (flexible / rigid) and the preparation of its end (bare / insulated crimped cable end / non-insulated crimped cable end). This blade terminal can not be considered as a crimped cable end, but it should be considered as a specifically designed electrical connection in the same way as: the connection terminals of a PowerTag M63 or P63, or the tooth of a distribution comb. When connecting the power wire to a screw terminal in accordance with the recommendations given in the installation instructions (cable type, section, stripping length, type of preparation, tightening torque, correct alignment between blade terminal and power wire), no degradation is generated by the PowerTag Flex blade terminal on the mechanical withstand and the quality of the cable connection.

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