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Can smaller synchronous motor be connected to ATV320? Somove does not allow to select smaller motor. For example I have ATV320U22N4B and Smove on "my device" does not have BMP070 listed

Published date: 05 December 2018

As far as motor parameters allows you to configure motor rated parameters, e.g. nominal synchronous current, speed, etc. then you can use ATV even for smaller motor.
List of motors that appear in main screen for selected ATV size represents a kind of templates, so if you choose one of motors from the list, motor data will be ready to match that motor. But no problem to change these motor parameters manually. The best practice is to create one ATV configuration offline with smaller ATV320 (that matches BMP070) and to check which parameters are preconfigured for your motor. The same values then should be put into your real ATV320U22N4B

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