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Video: Setting up communications to a BMENOS0300 Module

Published date: 12 December 2018

First open your offline project in Unity Pro and add a BMENOS0300 module to the rack:
1. In the Project Browser double click on the part number for the backplane .
2. Select a slot in rack where you want to add a BMENOS0300 module, double click, then expand the Communication folder
3. Select a BMENOS0300, then select OK.
4. Click Save.

Then open the DTM Browser to view the M580 Device DTM:
1. In DTM Browser, right click the CPU and select Add.
2. Select the Advanced Generic EDS, then click Add DTM.
3. In the Properties of device dialog, type in a name for the BMENOS0300 Device DDT and click OK.
4. The new device is added to list of Automatically Added Devices in the Services for the M580 Address Server window.
NOTE: The name entered in this step is a variable you can assign to the module that has relevance to your application (for example, “Local_BMENOS1”)
 It is not the Device Name identifier value used by the DHCP server to identify the device.

Next Configure the communication to the BMENOS0300 module from the CPU:
1. In DTM Browser double click the new entry for the BMENOS0300 DTM
2. In the left pane of the BMENOS0300 DTM, select the connection. By default, the connection is of the type Exclusive Owner.
3. Select the General tab, and edit the following settings:
 - RPI: Accept the default (30 ms) or enter a different value.
 - Input size: Enter 16 (bytes).
 - Input mode: Select Point to Point.
 - Output size: Enter 0 (bytes).
 - Output transfer format: Select Pure data and modeless.
4. Select the Configuration Settings tab, and edit the following settings:
 - Input instance: Enter 101.
 - Output instance: Enter 198.
 - Configuration instance: Enter 100.
 - Configuration: Enter 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00.
5. Click Apply to save your edits.
6. Click Save.

Next Assign IP address settings to the BMENOS0300 module:
1. In CPU DTM, select the name assigned to the BMENOS0300 module in the Device List, then select the Address Setting tab.
2. In the IP Configuration area enter the IP address settings for the BMENOS0300.
NOTE: f you are editing settings, confirm that the BMENOS0300 module is assigned to thesame subnet as the CPU.

Check the Address Server section, enter the following settings:
1. DHCP for this device: Select Enabled.
2. Identified by: Select Device Name.
3. Identifier: Enter the device name value. The BMENOS0300 module is a DHCP client that receives its IP address based on a sprecific naming convention.

Examples of device names include:
A. Mx80_07_BMENOS: located in the fifth slot (07) of a local rack with a standalone M580 CPU.
B. M58B_03_BMENOS: located in the fourth slot (03) of a local rack with a Hot Standby M580 CPU designated as CPU “B”.
C. M58A_03_BMENOS: located in the fourth slot (03) of a local rack with a Hot Standby M580 CPU designated as CPU “A”.
D. C002_06_BMENOS: located in the seventh slot (06) of a remote rack identified as drop 2 with a CRA as its head module.



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