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What type Surge Protection Device modules are used in the PZ-4 Low Voltage Switchgear

Published date: 19 December 2018

The Surgelogic SPD uses the EMA series modules. The modules can be ordered via the part numbers listed in Digest 177 page 6-3 Table: 6-2 EMA Replacement Modules.
Most commonly used modules for PZ-4 switchgear are 480/277 and 600/347 Vac Wye systems. 3-Wire Solidly grounded Wye systems utilize the same modules as 4-Wire Wye systems.
If the switchgear is fed by a Delta transformer or has Generator systems back feeding onto the switchgear then SPD modules for Delta systems may be used in the switchgear.
The SPD module part numbers can be verified by physically looking at the SPD unit. It should be noted that SPD modules are typically mounted in the rear of the switchgear verification may require removing Line Side Power and performing a Lock Out Tag Out.
If the SPD modules can’t be physically verified and the SPD unit part number(s) is not on the drawings, contact the manufacturing facility for verification of the replacement SPD modules.
Note: Ensure the switchgear drawings are referenced for the Power System Voltage rating; to ensure proper selection of the SPD replacement modules. Also ensure the proper peak surge rating is selected for the replacement to match the existing. If in question contact your local Schneider Electric authorized distributor or Schneider Electric Customer Care Center.

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