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Why do NEMA 3R VarSet Capacitor Banks Require a Sunshade?

Published date: 22 January 2019

User wishes to know why a sunshade is required for NEMA 3R VarSet Capacitor Banks (AV6000)

Product Line
VarSet 3R Capacitor Banks (A5000, AV6000, AT6000)

Environmental conditions

We recommend installing NEMA 3R capacitor bank systems in the shade in order to reduce the impact of solar radiation on the ambient temperature surrounding the equipment. Component lifespan, including that of the capacitor cells, is affected by heat. A lower ambient temperature surrounding the equipment corresponds to lower heat rise inside the system and a longer component lifespan. Failure to install the sunshade may:
  1. Reduce operating life by as much as 50% 
  2. Trip the stage breakers due to thermal derating
  3. Result in summer time over temperature trips

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