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Is the cable BMXFTW308S compatible with module BMXERT1604T?

Published date: 22 August 2019

The cable BMXFTW308S/BMXFTW508S has the same 28-way connector (BMXFTB2820), but the BMXERT1604 catalog doesn't scpeciify the compatibility with these cables.    

Product Line
Modicon M580 CPUs, Modicon M340 CPUs  


The BMXERT1604 documentation doesn't specify the BMXFTW308S/BMXFTW508S, because the wire connection used on these cables isn't compatible with pinouts of the module even that the terminal block (BMXFTB2820) is used on the cables. So, the customer can't use the BMXFTW308S/BMXFTW508S without wire connection modification and Schneider Electric strictly recommend the customers to purchase only the BMXFTB2800/BMXFTB2820 for the BMXERT1604.
The main difference is 
BMXFTW308S/BMXFTW508S doesn't have any wire connected to the 13, 14, 27, 28 pinouts and those pinouts are used on BMXERT1604, the BMXFTW308S/BMXFTW508S has wire connection of the BMXAMI0800/0810.

P.S.: Below, you can find the wiring diagram of the products mentioned above.


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