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Can we replace BRS364 by BRS307 as we need shaft with key?

Published date: 25 January 2019

BRS364 has smooth shaft as standard. Specific shaft (S) is only on request, see first page in catalog extract. Specific request means that customer has to ask directly factory in Lahr for the price offer. 
BRS397 can be ordered with either smooth shaft or keyed shaft, see second page. 
Motor 397 itself can generate enough torque (as it i stronger than BRS364), though due to greater inertia it cannot achieve the same max speed, see comparison.
Before replacement two facts must be considered: 
- speed range required by application 
- a driver. Brs397 consumes more current so existing driver used for 364 could be overloaded. 
See attachment with: 
BRS motor reference description, 
comparison between BRS364, 397 in torque/speed and inertia. 
Driver sizing for BRS

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