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What are the system requirements for EcoStruxure Control Expert?

Published date: 06 February 2019

Performance of Control Expert software can be affected by simultaneously opening several windows, accessing large quantities of animated data or
using a large application.

Control Expert software requires one of the following operating systems:

-  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional edition 32/64 bits SP1
-  Microsoft Windows 10 32/64 bits
-  Microsoft Windows Server 2016
NOTE: An operating system Windows 64 bits is mandatory for projects with Modicon M580 controller, or projects using DTMs.

The following are required before installing Control Expert:

- Internet Explorer V6.0 or later
- Windows Installer V4.5 or later

Configuration with Windows 7 Professional Edition 32/64 bits SP1 or Windows 10 32/64 bits:

Minimum and recommended terminal configuration

System                Pentium processor 2.4 GHz or higher; recommended: 3.0 GHz.
RAM                    4 GB; recommended: 8 GB (*).
Hard disk space  8 GB including the memory space for the software installation, temporary space
                            for execution and space for saving applications; recommended: 20 GB.

Operating Systems
                            -  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional edition 32/64 bits system with Service Pack 1 (SP1), or
                            -  Microsoft Windows 10 32/64 bits system.
                            NOTE: Windows 64 bits is mandatory for projects with Modicon M580 controller,or projects using DTMs.

Drive                    DVD R, a DVD RW is recommended.
Display                SVGA 1024x768 or higher resolution monitor with high color 24 bits.
* A different configuration may be required if other software is used simultaneously with Control Expert.

Peripherals          A Microsoft mouse or compatible poiting device
Web Access        As preferred solution, Web registration requires Internet access.
Other                   USB port on the computer.

Control Expert on Windows 10
   Installation procedure on Windows 10 is provided in Readme.html file (System requirements - System with Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bits)
   on the Control Expert DVD.

Control Expert on Windows Server 2016
   On Windows Server 2016, Control Expert runs without restriction.

Control Expert runs on the following Virtual Machines:
- VirtualBox
-  VMWare
NOTE: It is not recommended to run Control Expert on Windows 8.1 operating system running on VMWare.

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