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Can I increase the number of Control Expert Editors open?

Published date: 06 February 2019

After a standard installation, use of multiple instances of Control Expert only allows a limited number of editors that can be open at the same time:
          15 open editors for the first instance and 6 open for the remaining instances.

By modifying a Windows registry parameter with the following procedure, the number open editors can be increased:

1. Run the registry editor (%SystemRoot%\WINDOWS\regedit.exe).
NOTE: %SystemRoot% is normally the “C:” drive.

2. Find the registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems\Windows.

3. Right-click Windows and select Edit String.

4. Find the parameter SharedSection=xxxx,yyyy,zzzz. SharedSection is the first parameter and it is placed nearly at the beginning of the data content.

5. Set the yyyy value (in kB) to 8192 (if it was set to a lower value). It controls the size of the desktop heap, which is used for Windows objects.

6. Restart the workstation to have the updated value taken into account.

NOTE: After changing the SharedSection value the only limit on the number of open editors is the amount of RAM installed on the workstation

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