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Can I run small motor on ATV212 drive?

Published date: 13 February 2019

Although min value of motor current that can be set in F415 is 0.1A (ATV212H075..) , the accuracy of current measurement will be low. If motor power is less than one size below ATV212 rated power (E.g. if motor power is lower than 0.55kW for ATV212H075 drive), operation is possible but we cannot guarantee full performance. It is due to accuracy of current measurement which is worsen when current is lowered.
Unless specific pump or fan function are needed, we propose ATV12, its power starts at 0.18kW (it uses sigle phase or 3-phase 230V supply, so motor must be connected for rated voltage 230V) or ATV312 or ATV320.
Smallest power of 3-phase ATV312...N4 and ATV320...N4 is 0.37kW.

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